Finally a heartfelt song about the World Pandemic. With cities in lockdown all over the world, people dying in the thousands, words cannot explain what the world is going through, but I hope this song and video does. I want this song to inspire the world to be strong, and give us hope while we are experiencing this very sad 2020. Let’s all join together, and have faith that we will be on the other side of this very soon, and then get back to our normal life …. Words & Music by Shane Monopoli, Vocal by Atalie, Guitar by the Legendary Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Louie Shelton, Bass, Keyboards and Programming by James Kempster of Rockcandy Productions & Additional Guitars by Troy Downward

Above is the Official Music Video Clip titled ‘Margherita’. The song that was born due to Margherita’s outstanding character and personality from her appearance on Channel 7’s show ‘Yummy Mummies’. The song was written by her brother Shane Monopoli who also collaborated with the amazing Damian Smith, Robby X, Thony Remy and improve your brand online media presense Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Louie Shelton, which is what it undoubtably turned out to be a no brainer, visit You can download the track from iTunes and all digital platforms by going to this link –

Above is the Video Clip titled ‘Valentina’ (feat. Robby X)’ This is from the Conversional TV Show ‘Yummy Mummies’ that went to air on Channel 7 IT IS  AVALIABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES APPLE MUSIC & SPOTIFY!

Below is Eran’s Video clip made in 2007 titlled ‘Touched By Love’ it was taken from the album ‘Ten Songs About Love’

Touched By Love

Click Here To View Video – Touched By Love