Shane Monopoli is a Producer/Writer/Engineer who works from his two recording studios, one is located in Melbourne and the other in Queensland. The studios go under the name Heaven Music Group and were established in 1997, by Shane Monopoli

In 1999 Shane discovered a young singer who was 10 years old at the time. The two worked together writing and producing tracks, and two years later when Eran was only 12, Shane signed a deal with Universal Music.

In the year 2000 Shane successfully wrote a song titled ‘RISE’ for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The song ended up being recorded by Marcia Hines, and was then announced as the official Olympic team song for the Australian Athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Soon after his success with Marcia Hines, Shane was involved in another song with Vanessa Amorosi titled ‘RISE UP’, which was released in Australia and overseas.

In 2003 Shane took on the roll of Manager and Producer for a 12 month period with, Katie Underwood, the former member of the original popstars group ‘Bardot’ and more recently known for her top 10 hits ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Magic’ that she released with Disco Montego. Shane produced and released Katie’s debut solo single titled ‘DANGER’ which was a top 40 hit.

In 2004 the very successful TV show, Australian Idol, chose a song Shane co-wrote for the first single for the final 12 contestants titled ‘RISE UP’. The song debuted at number one in the charts and went double platinum.

In 2004 Shane co-produced Eran’s debut album “Reviewing The Situation” which was 13 soul classics  and obscurities. Eran  interprets  James  Brown’s  dark  and  mournful  Forever  Suffering, or George McRae’s levitated love jam I Get Lifted.

In 2006 Shane and Eran went to New York to make Eran’s second album, “Ten Songs About Love” which was co-produced by Jay Newland who also helmed Norah Jones’ 20-million-selling debut album “Come Away With Me”, Jay described Eran as the authentic article, the real deal.

Shane arranged for Eran to move to London in 2008, to be under the guidance of Sir Elton John, this came about after Shane organised for Eran to open all ten shows for Sir Elton John at the end of 2007, Sir Elton John was so impressed with the 19 year old that he invited him to move to London where he would personally help take his career to the next level.

In February on 2009 Shane decided to sign Eran over to Elton John’s Management Company. It had been 10 long years that Shane had spent developing Eran and getting him to this place in his music career, when Shane then decided that is was time to see where Eran goes to from here now he was under the guidance of Sir Elton John.

Shane now records various artists here in Australia and also spends a lot of time with his very successful Professional Photographic Studio in Melbourne called ‘Exclusive Photography’

On the 25th of July 2017 Shane wrote a song titled ‘Valentina’ (Feat RobbyX) which was released on the controversial National TV Reality Show ‘Yummy Mummies’ on Channel 7 which stars his niece Maria DiGeronimo, Sister Margherita Di Geronimo and the beautiful Baby Valentina. Soon after this Shane released another song due to the success of his sister Margherita on the show and this song was titled ‘Margherita’, both songs can be dowloaded from iTunes, Spotify and other digital download sites.

Then in 2020 Shane wrote a heartfelt song about the World Pandemic. With cities in lockdown all over the world, people dying in the thousands, words cannot explain what the world was going through, but hopefully the song and video did. The song was written to inspire the world to be strong, and give hope to all, while experiencing this very sad 2020, and can be dowloaded from iTunes, Spotify and other digital download sites.